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I first began working with WRCC when I was a senior manager at Deloitte being considered for promotion to become a Partner.  Wanda was a communication coach for Executive Presence seminars and also provided individual coaching.
  I personally worked with Wanda, and she is amazing!  She understands the nuances of how people communicate in small and large settings.  I also appreciated the chance to discuss communications in the context of being a female business executive.  As a Partner, I engaged both Wanda and Wendy Weiner, a writing coach, to create and facilitate programs for our diversity programs.  Our professionals learned specific skills to build both their verbal and written communications excellence.  When I became the Founder and President of the Northern CA Ascend organization - a Pan-Asian professional organization – I asked Wanda to help facilitate many communication workshops over the 9 years.  The participants, from college age to executive level, always rated Wanda as one of their top seminar leaders because they learned practical and applicable skills.  As a result of her dedication to our organization, she received the “President’s Award” from Ascend in 2009.

- Anna Mok
Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP
Founder & Past President, Ascend - Northern California Chapter

Wanda's enthusiasm for engaging presentations and interpersonal professional communications are truly infectious. Hundreds of attendees from large groups to small gatherings have benefited from her expertise, as she offers keen observations with a twinkle and a warm smile.
 Drawing on her extensive background in stage and song, she brings tremendous energy and talent to everything she does. Her courses, both in-person and online, are full of practical tips and techniques and have received rave reviews that are well-deserved. Small wonder that with her poise and grace she has changed the lives of many business leaders. We are immensely fortunate to have her as a gifted instructor, who makes the potentially difficult and frightening experience of public speaking and projecting presence so approachable and easy.

- Arthur Chin
Division Director, CalCPA Education Foundation

Wanda and I started our professional working relationship 30 years ago when I was the Partner in charge of Marketing for Deloitte Northern California & Hawaii.  We decided that we wanted to improve the presentation skills of every partner, senior manager and manager in all of our service lines throughout the region. We selected WRCC to do the training. Wanda’s approach always focused on the individual, their strengths and areas for improvement.
Her theater and broadcasting background gives her a unique understanding of the non-verbal impact of each person’s style. She incorporates the subtle techniques used by professional communicators. Because of the success of this initial program, we worked with WRCC to develop a targeting program wherein every partners and managers in the different service lines were teamed to prepare and make presentations on selling specific services to Bay Area companies. We also engaged Wendy Weiner, WRCC’s writing coach. Wendy designed and delivered many seminars and individual online writing courses for our professional staff. Many of the participants became Partners and some even became Regional and National Managing Partners. Many of these programs still exist. Since my retirement from Deloitte, I have continued to use WRCC for coaching my staff when I was CFO of a several billion dollar bank holding company and today as the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of WuHoover & Co. 

- Dennis Wu
Deloitte Partner, Marketing for Northern CA and Hawaii
Co-Founder & Managing Partner, WuHoover

Over the years, I’ve attended many development programs for presentations, leadership, and written communications. The most effective programs I’ve attended were at WR Communications.
 The expertise I gained allowed me to increase my skills, contribution and visibility in the organization. Before I took “Presentation Presence,” I was terrified of public speaking, I would do anything to avoid it. Now I jump at the chance to present. I have sent several of my staff and coworkers to WRCC programs and have seen great results in their confidence and capabilities. A few years after I attended the WRCC sessions, I had the opportunity to speak in front of 200+ people at a semiconductor industry event. I was very nervous, but honored as well. Wanda was a great speech coach and she worked with me to prepare. I took the “Speaker of the Year” award, it was phenomenal! I am now on the Board of Directors of a non-profit organization in Contra Costa County. Several times a year I represent our organization in front of hundreds of Military personnel, Congressmen, Mayors and other City and County Officials. Recently I was interviewed on television to speak about our organization and what we do for deployed Military and their families, as well as our efforts regarding Veterans and the community. What I learned at WRCC has been invaluable to my ability to work with customers, executive presentations, lead a non-profit organization of volunteers, think on my feet, and speak to the broader community. Thanks WRCC

- Donna Black
Program Management Director, Customer Success, eSilicon Corporation

As the West Coast Executive Director of Ascend, Wanda's communication skills classes for Ascend are well known and well attended.
She has been a moderator for many of our leadership panels, given non-verbal and presentation skills seminars and consistently receives excellent reviews. Our membership says they apply her practical and unique tools for their personal advancement. I attended one of Wanda's Corporate Presentation Presence classes for my own professional development. I learned so much about all the aforementioned skill sets needed in a leadership role. Wanda was a joy to work with and continues to be a strong advocate and presence at all our events. Wanda is a true Subject Matter Expert and will ensure you are on the right path, presenting and articulating all your great ideas in the best way possible.

- Livia Ching-Gerring
Executive Director, West Coast Ascend Pan-Asian Leaders

I am always looking for ways to enhance my communication skills so when Wanda was recommended to me by one of my mentors, I took the suggestion and set up a one on one training. 
 In the half day I spent with her, I learned so much not only about how to improve my verbal communication skills but also, and just as important, my nonverbal awareness. Most importantly, it is Wanda’s warm personality that allows one to feel at ease so that one can open up, without any embarrassment, and embrace her suggestions. I left the session feeling so much more confident in both my verbal and nonverbal communication Instead of being anxious about a presentation, I have found myself looking forward to “showing off” my newfound skill.

- Mario G. Puccinelli

I had the pleasure of attending Presentation Presence with Wanda when I worked at Adaptec and then again while working for A10 Networks. 
 I always dreaded presenting because I knew that I was not very good at it and would avoid any opportunity to get up and speak.  However, after attending Presentation Presence for the second time, halfway through the workshop, something just clicked.  Being able to attend with my peers from A10 really helped.  The group was very supportive and we all learned a lot about each other.  During the workshop, I formed a partnership with one of our VPs and now before and after we present, we check in with each other and after the presentation we discuss how it went. We have both really improved and have enjoyed fine tuning our presentation style.  Wanda helped me so much on a personal and professional level and I am able to communicate more effectively and actually enjoy getting up and presenting now.  I highly recommend attending Presentation Presence, it can make a huge difference in how you communicate on so many different levels.

- Michelle Bernal
Sr. HR Operations Manager, A10 Networks

WRCC has been a preferred and recommended training resource for all our Presentation and Communication skills. I’ve been an HR VP and Director in several Silicon Valley Corporations and WRCC has been my preferred communication resource at each company.
Wanda and her team deliver a high quality, professionally developed product.  Our employees, from the CEO to individual contributors have given high marks at the end of each workshop and individual coaching session. Whether it is an open seminar or in-house setting, or individual coaching, participants stay fully engaged.  Unique to the WRCC philosophy and a component to their success is the focus on maximizing the individual's style.

- Ruth Welch
VP HR Operations, Delphix

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